what we do

We promote social development and community empowerment

Foundation Terra is a non-governmental development organization with a extensive track record in implementing programs and projects in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Its social initiatives focus on objectives aimed at improving the quality of life, socio-economic well-being, and the environment in our communities through four key areas of action: quality education, social infrastructure, entrepreneurship, and the environment.

25 years ahead in the future

Its actions focus on three pillars:

  • Environment

  • Socioeconomic Well-being

  • Quality of life

Pre-Basic Centers

Improving educational quality in the preschool area through the modality of Centros Comunitarios de Educación Pre Básica  (CCEPREB).

Through Centros Comunitarios de Educación Pre Básica  (CCEPREB), boys and girls receive comprehensive care in quality spaces and environments that contribute to strengthening their growth and development in personal, physical, and cognitive aspects.




45 Educational Centers


13,608 students


45 educators



School Feeding







Responsible Education

It is an educational program with the aim of promoting the physical, emotional, social, and creative growth of students, fostering communication, and improving coexistence in schools by involving teachers, students, and families.


22 participating educational centers                           321 Trained Educators



Entrepreneurial school

To foster the entrepreneurial spirit among children in schools in the region, educational entrepreneurship is integrated into the training of students participating in the Tutorship Scholarships program, which is implemented in various schools in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Through the "Entrepreneurial School" competition, students receive training in planning and launching a school enterprise, accompanied by technical mentoring from professional executives who specialize in various areas such as marketing, sales, finance, accounting, administration, among others.



5,411 participating students                                  47 School Companies







Tutoring Scholarship program

To improve performance in mathematics and Spanish in public schools in Central America, academically excellent students from fifth to ninth grade share their knowledge with students from first to third grade. At the same time, values such as solidarity, respect, trust, honesty, and commitment are encouraged among them, aiming to enable them to become role model citizens in their community.



  • 30,722


  • 3,317,976

    hours of reinforcement

  • 179,983


  • 1439

    educational centers

Tutoring Scholarship program for Secondary Education

Contribute to the retention of young individuals in the educational system by enhancing academic performance through the implementation of Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Scholarships.


The development of tutorial actions by academically excellent young individuals, spanning from seventh to twelfth grade, aims to reinforce skills and competencies among students in the grade below. These dedicated tutors generously provide reinforcement sessions three times a week, delivering at least 12 hours per month in Mathematics and Spanish subjects. In their roles as tutors, they assist students in improving their academic performance, thereby fostering their continued educational journey. This, in turn, enables them to pursue a career that promises an enhanced quality of life for both themselves and their families in the future.

  • 640


  • 65,880

    hours of reinforcement

  • 5,550


  • 50

    educational centers


It is an extracurricular training program with a duration of 3 years aimed at academically excellent youth who were participants in the Tutorship Scholarships program and who maintain their high performance in secondary education. Its objective is to train young individuals with personal, academic, social, and professional competencies, providing them with greater opportunities to integrate into the job market, thereby contributing to improving their quality of life and that of their families.


  135 Young Participants




Fundación Terra te Conecta

Fundación Terra has designed the Program, which aims to connect teachers, students, parents, and community members with technology for proper use, maximum benefit, and appropriation through training processes using various digital content platforms. In doing so, the program contributes to closing existing technological gaps and improving academic performance for students, as well as enhancing the skills and competencies of the public.


The program offers different modalities tailored to specific target audiences:


•Community Connectivity Centers.

•Technology Classrooms.

•POETA Centers - Program for Economic Opportunities through Technology in the Americas.

•Terra Foundation Connects You Platform.

•Samsung Innovation Campus Training Platform.

Terra te Impulsa

Fostering entrepreneurship in the economy, with a focus on formalization and integration into the production chain, strengthens commercial relationships, and fosters value creation in communities.


Formalization and financial linkage.

Entrepreneurship program where entrepreneurs seize opportunities to expand their customer base and enhance their income, improving skills to manage their ventures formally and sustainably. This increases their growth potential by providing access to seed capital and financial resources. It is the first digital and free platform program of its kind in Honduras and Guatemala, where entrepreneurs showcase their products, extending the reach of their brand. Currently, the program is in its expansion phase to the region.


+3,500 Entrepreneurs on the platform


 127 Entrepreneurs with Seed Capital


1,891 Workshops and Webinars


+1,200,000 Visits to the platform


1,091 Certified Entrepreneurs

Young Leaders in Service

The program aims to enhance the leadership of young people through the development of skills and capabilities to actively participate in society and contribute to the development of their country.


60 young leaders from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador

My Community First

Empowering grassroots organizations in leadership, organization, and the execution of infrastructure projects.


Actions are developed for the common benefit of the population in communities that require community infrastructure projects to improve living conditions. This program generates comprehensive transformation processes and community participation in the execution of infrastructure projects.



Beneficiaries of Social Infrastructure



Community Infrastructure Projects



Safe School

Promoting social infrastructure projects by generating processes of transformation and community participation, with a focus on the development of the most vulnerable communities, improving the infrastructure of learning spaces.


In coordination with the technical team of educational programs from the Terra Foundation and local businesses, significant contributions are made to the education sector through the rehabilitation and enhancement of educational centers. Priority is given to interventions such as the repair of potable water systems, sanitation services, roofs, and appropriate electrical systems, as well as the installation of floors and the adaptation of common spaces.


31 school infrastructure projects





Environmental Education



Through this initiative, the goal is to promote greater awareness and understanding of environmental issues, as well as encourage the commitment and active participation of students in the conservation and protection of the environment to generate a lasting and sustainable impact on society.

  • 5,303

    Students participating in environmental education programs

  • 13

    Registered educational centers




Through the program, the action of recycling, reusing, and reducing waste destined for landfills is promoted, educating society about the importance of recycling. Through this program, various materials are collected by inviting collaborators from partner companies to clean their work areas and bring from home anything that can be donated and recycled. Likewise, the Terra Foundation will promote the installation of recycling centers in schools or public spaces that meet the conditions for receiving and purchasing materials through partnerships.



pounds of recycled material



Educational Centers



Ecoterra-Smart Seed


Through reforestation initiatives and the voluntary efforts of member companies of the Fundación Terra, as well as volunteers from schools and communities, the reforestation program aims to support tree planting efforts in areas crucial for environmental conservation, such as damaged protected areas or their buffer zones. The program has various regional allies in each of the countries involved.


Additionally, other tactics are employed, such as distributing trees for planting. In this regard, the "Planta un árbol con UNO" campaign is carried out with our member companies. This initiative raises awareness among consumers at service stations, providing them with fruit trees that are planted in their homes or open spaces.


By harnessing technology, the Fundación Terra seeks to exponentially increase public-private efforts focused on the conservation and functional restoration of areas with forestry potential. This involves implementing a reforestation model that includes planting techniques supported by drone-assisted procedures for hard-to-reach areas, resulting in cost and time savings. The use of intelligent seeds encapsulated with additives that enhance germination rates is also part of this innovative approach.


intelligent seeds launched



protected and supported areas in the region



reforested hectares



Our Allies

Strategic allies

Throughout 25 years we have established relationships with strategic allies, with a shared vision and goals that generated value and impact in the execution of Fundación Terra's Programs and Projects.


  • ChildFund, Honduras
  • Fundación Agrolíbano, Honduras
  • CREATIVE – USAID, Honduras
  • Visión Mundial, Honduras
  • FEREMA, Honduras
  • Impact Hub, Honduras
  • Honduras Emprende
  • Voces Vitales
  • Bazar del Sábado
  • Cámara de Comercio e Industria de la Paz
  • Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Cortés
  • Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Choloma
  • Cámara de Comercio e Industria del Sur
  • Transformando Sistemas de Mercado-USAID
  • Creando mi Futuro Aquí-USAID
  • Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Tegucigalpa
  • Teach A Man To Fish, Regional
  • Ministerio de Educación Honduras
  • Ministerio de Educación El Salvador
  • Ministerio de Educación Nicaragua
  • Ministerio de Educación Guatemala
  • Municipalidad Santa Catarina de Pinula, Guatemala.
  • Municipalidad de Amatitlán, Guatemala
  • Municipalidad de Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
  • Programa Mundial de Alimentos, Honduras

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