what we do

We promote social development and community empowerment

With the main objective of improving the quality of life and the socioeconomic well-being of the communities, contributing to quality education in pre-basic centers, schools and colleges, promoting and improving the infrastructure of public schools and housing, as well as environmental conservation. In addition to its headquarters, it has reach in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Fundación Terra is a non-profit organization established in Honduras in August 2012

Its actions focus on three pillars:

  • Environment

  • Quality of Life

  • Social Economic Welfare


Focused on raising the academic performance of children and young people in public schools in Central America, while promoting values of solidarity, respect, trust, honesty and commitment that allow them to function as model citizens in their communities.


Pre-Basic Centers

It is a program that seeks to improve the educational quality in the preschool area through the modality of Community Centers of Pre-Basic Education (CCEPREB), offering the child comprehensive care in quality spaces and environments that help strengthen their growth and development in personal, physical and cognitive aspects.


Tutoring Scholarship Program

It is the flagship program that seeks to raise performance in mathematics and Spanish in public schools in Central America where children and young people with academic excellence from fifth to ninth grade share their knowledge with students from first to third grade. And at the same time, values of solidarity, respect, trust, honesty and commitment are fostered in them that allow them to function as model citizens in their community




Some components:


  • Scholarships of academic excellence.

  • Development of school reinforcement sessions.

  • Provision of didactic and consumable material for schools.

  • Training in values.

  • A culture of healthy coexistence is promoted.

Entrepreneurial School

Adding a component to the educational chain, as of 2018, Fundación Terra, aware of the importance of motivating the entrepreneurial spirit of children, celebrates an alliance with the English organization Teach a Man to Fish and integrates educational entrepreneurship in the training of students from schools that participate in the Tutoría Scholarship program that runs in different schools in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Through this alliance, the "Entrepreneurial School" Contest is developed were students from different study centers in the region are trained in the planning and start-up of a school company and they are accompanied through technical mentoring by the professional executives of Grupo Terra, specialists in various topics such as marketing, sales, finance, accounting, administration, among others.



Focused on contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of employees, their families and communities through programs for the improvement and construction of housing, educational constructions, community and family health assistance.

Especial Projects

Construction of educational infrastructure.




It promotes a positive relationship with the communities where Grupo Terra companies operate, carrying out community socioeconomic diagnoses, participating in dialogues, assemblies and strategic alliances that have allowed maintaining effective communication and linkage with all audiences and with this they present programs and projects that support the improvement of their quality of life. 




Canaan Neightborhood


Comprehensive community development model project where all the efforts, services, programs and projects of the foundation come together with the aim of achieving a general total transformation in the community.



Actions are developed for community strengthening through: Training of Community Leaders, Basic Sanitation Campaigns, Community Celebrations, entrepreneurship workshops for young people and women, and infrastructure projects according to identified needs.




Our Allies

Strategic allies

Throughout 23 years we have established relationships with strategic allies, with a shared vision and goals that generated value and impact in the execution of Fundación Terra's Programs and Projects.


  • ChildFund, Honduras

  • Fundacion Agrolíbano

  • CREATIVE – USAID Honduras,

  • World Vision Honduras


  • Teach A Man To Fish

  • Ministry of Education Honduras

  • Ministry of Education El Salvador

  • Ministry of Education Nicaragua

  • Ministry of Education Guatemala

  • Municipality of Santa Catarina de
    Pinula, Guatemala

  • Municipality of Amatitlán, Guatemala

  • Municipality of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala


Action Map